5. Our high pressure hot water extraction

    machines are state of the art to ensure

    the best clean possible. The extremely 

    powerful units we use shoot the cleaning

    solution and deodoriser into the carpet 

    pile at high pressure. This helps to break

    up the dirt, bacteria and pollens in the 

    carpet. The machine then produces a

    double vacuum to draw the dirt and

    cleaning treatments out of your

​    carpet.

​6. To complete the process your carpet

    will be groomed using a grooming rake, 

    this will ensure the fibres are tangle free and

    your carpet is left in its best possible


7. (Optional) Scotch Guard is a Wool Safe Approved

    water based carpet and upholstery protector and

    anti static treatment that is applied to

    your carpet immediately after cleaning.


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PrimoKleen are proud to serve Maidenhead and all surrounding areas.


​At Primokleen we are proud to offer you the highest level care and use as standard a 6 stage spray extraction cleaning service (see below). Before we leave your property we will leave you with some slip on over shoes that can be worn over the short time that you carpet is drying. We highly recommend the optional stage 7 of our process that incorporates Scotch Guard stain protector.

1. Firstly where possible we will move any furniture.

2. Next we will vacuum using a high 

    filtration vacuum that has been 

    specifically designed for high performance

    professional carpet cleaning.

3. We will then use our professional stain

    removal products & techniques to remove

    difficult stains. Although stain removal is 

    not a guaranteed service we have a very

    good track record at removing most 


4.  Then a heavy duty pre-spray is applied that is

    especially designed to lift oily dirt and

    pollutants from your carpet so they can be

    quickly and safely extracted using our

    high performance machines. The carpet is

    then agitated to work the pre spray into

    the carpet fibres to aid the break down 

   of soilage.